Pets in the studio...? Why not! :)

I recently had a pleasure of photographing a 19 months old boy Max and his companion Seb - a most cuddly and fluffy dog ever! :)

To be honest I was a bit scared as I didnt really know what to expect. I was worried about dog's cooperation, and also about keeping an 19months old and an animal still long enough for me to actually take good photos!

Well, needless to say I had nothing to worry about, they were both amazing! The dog was so well behaved and the bond between them was lovely. I managed to get many nice shoots and had a great time during the session :)

I'm sure Max will appreciate these photos when he is all grown up, and he will be able to look back at them and appreciate what a great friend and companion he has in Seb.

If you want to have a photoshoot with your favourite pet don't hesitate! Book it and you won't regret it! :)

Max and Seb - you can tell they are best friends :)

Max and Seb - you can tell they are best friends :)