A little something about my newborn photoshoots :)

Recently I had a pleasure of photographing this little, few days old, beauty Eric :)

Newborn photoshoot, Zen Photography

He was a dream baby and slept almost all the way through his seesion!

Newborn photoshoot, Zen photography

The most important part in my newborn sessions is safety! I always make sure the baby is comfortable and not at any risk. I love natural poses and I just go with the flow and follow the baby :) which results in natural and lovely images :)

newborn photoshoot, zen photography

The sessions are usually done until baby is 14 days old. This is the best time as baby is still very sleepy and flexible so can be easily posed :)

newborn photoshoot, zen photography

The sessions can last anywhere from 2hrs to 4hrs depending on how cooperative the little one is ;) The comfort of the baby always comes first!

newborn photoshoot, zen photography

If you would like to book the newborn's session contact me for more information :) The session fee for newborns photoshoot is £50 and this comes with 8x10" complimentary print.

newborn photoshoot , zen photography

They don't stay so little for long! Capture those precious moments and cherish them forever! :)