The truth about being a mum :)

The Art of Stopping Time


When you have kids, your world doesn’t change so much as you enter a different world, a sort of parallel universe that had existed all this time, but you were unaware of. I mean, before kids there’s absolutely no reason for you to notice adverts about Baby Yoga, or to have an opinion on the best type of baby sling.


But once you become pregnant for the first time, you’re hit with a landslide of new things to get your head around - things you have to buy, things you have to learn, and advice from EVERYONE!


It’s no wonder most of us Mums feel overwhelmed, and even wish life could return to the way it was before! It’s tough: everything’s changing - but these changes could also be some of the best things to ever happen to your life.


You Have No Control Over Your Days


Remember when you could casually plan coffee with friends, or a night with a glass of wine, reading a book? Remember when you could make a list of things to do at the weekend?


Kids laugh in the face of your schedule.


This was a shock for me; I’d always been so organized. I didn’t see why this would change; I’d just plan in the time it took to feed and dress the baby, and away we go . . . right?!  I have to say, it did make me feel like a bit of a failure when I couldn’t tick off everything on my to-do list everyday.


Then a funny thing happened. Because the lists and plans had become pointless, I stopped making them and was forced to take each day as it came. I stopped feeling guilty if I wasn’t dressed by lunchtime, and as long as my little one was fed and content every day, all was well.  I started to enjoy the freedom of not having a pre-planned schedule. My baby had taught me to do something that celebrities pay gurus a fortune for - to live in the moment!


Little Things Become A Huge Deal


Wouldn’t it be lovely if, as a grown-up, you got praised for sleeping all night and eating all of your dinner? When you become a parent, the little victories become huge! You catch yourself applauding poops! You send texts to your other half documenting naps and the progress through bowls of mushed up veg.


I used to catch myself sometimes and wonder what had happened to the old, exciting me? What happened to my life goals and the flirty texts we used to send each other?!


As my girls grew a little older, I realized that those things were still there, but I’d also learned to really appreciate the little, simple things in life. The best things about the small things making you happy, is that you're happy more of the time!



You Notice That Things Change Constantly


I think we’re all guilty of thinking things like “I can’t wait until they’re in school and then I can have some time to myself again.” Sometimes, we wish these precious times away. That’s one of the reasons I take so many photos of my girls with my camera phone. I just try and capture the little moments when they discover something new in the world, or have found something that makes them smile or laugh out loud. I don’t even care if their hair is tidy, or if they’re covered in snot!






It’s also really worth having some professional family photos taken from time to time. Not only will you guarantee some gorgeous photos, but you’ll also get to be in them too! On location shots are a lovely way to capture your family’s favourite ways of spending time together. Maybe you’ve got a favourite walk you all go together with the dog, or a favourite ice cream shop by the beach.


I love shooting on location family portraits around Hull. On location shoots add a uniquely personal touch to family photos, and I feel like I’m freezing time for a family; capturing a special age and special bond forever, before anything else changes.


And unlike my phone snaps of my girls, I always check for snot on a family photo shoot!