Celebrate Chaos With A Cake Smash!

Celebrate Chaos With A Cake Smash Photo Shoot

By the time your first baby has reached the one year milestone, you’re immune to mess. However much of a neat freak you were before babies, you’ll have had to let some of that go, or risk cracking up!

When I first came across cake smash photo shoots as a way to mark baby’s first birthday, it made perfect sense! Here’s why:

Cake Smash Photo Shoots Celebrate Chaos

Isn’t it funny how the first time you don’t have your baby for a couple of hours, you can’t get used to the calm? I remember the times a helpful grandparent took my baby daughter out to give me a break - it was lovely, but something was off. I actually missed the chaos!

Being mummy to a baby in their first year means you have no idea about what going to happen each day, and little control over it. Once you get used to this, it’s really liberating and your days are much more fun.

A cake smash photo shoot is just the same! It’s a way of showing you’ve embraced the new way of the world, and you want to put glitter on it and show it off. It’s a far more realistic situation, and far less stressful than trying to keep clean for an entire hour.

Besides, it’s your baby’s birthday; what better way would they rather be celebrating other than making a mess!

Cake Smash Photos Make Gorgeous Art

 There are loads of wonderful ways to style your baby’s cake smash photo shoot. My favourites are the ones full of colour - whether that’s traditional pink or blue, pastel hues, or bright colours.


Whichever colour palette you choose, you can introduce colours with decorations like bunting and balloons (LOVE balloons in a photo shoot), cute outfits, picnic blankets, and of course, the cake itself.


The cake will be central to the whole shoot, but it doesn’t matter which flavour it is. What is important though, is tonnes of icing to get little hands, feet and faces stuck into!


From canvas wall hangings to birthday invitations, the images from your cake smash photo shoot make wonderful art and gifts. The colours and natural, joyful expressions make everyone who looks at them happy!

 You Get Priceless Expressions From A Cake Smash Photo Shoot

When you look at a photo from a cake smash photo shoot, I always think you can almost hear the noise! The squeals of sheer delight when they’re first allowed to thump a little fist into the perfect icing, and the lovely giggles when they’re not stopped from squishing it all over their face!

Sometimes you need to set the little monster free, because you don’t just want to remember the sweet smiles. The scrunched up face of pure joy as your little one destroys something is just as worth remembering!

I can’t wait to start offering cake smash photo sessions this year. If you have a baby who has a special birthday coming up, and you like the idea of a cake smash photo shoot, I’d love to hear from you.