What Mums Really Want On Mother's Day

What Mums Really Want On Mother’s Day

As mothers, we want to feel like we’re succeeding at our favourite role: being a Mummy. Mother’s Day is such a fun day for me; it makes me think of Mother’s Day the previous year, and the one before that, and I see how my two girls are changing and learning.

Here are a few of the favourite ways I watch my two daughters grow from one Mother’s Day to the next.

They Bring Me Flowers

Hay fever sufferers aside, who doesn’t love getting a bunch of flowers? They’re the ultimate frivolous gift - no purpose, no chance of them increasing in value, and they won’t even last that long! But I like pretty things: I’m a photographer - visuals really speak to me!

Flowers bring life into a room - they are a fertility symbol after all, and what could be more fitting for a day celebrating mothers?

The flowers don't have to be expensive, or even bought in a shop. A couple of flowers picked from the garden, tied in some lovely ribbon, and handed over by a pudgy, little hand are EXACTLY what Mother’s Day is about for me.

I love the anticipation when they’re waiting to see if I’ll like them. And it’s lovely to see them begin to get joy from giving something, instead of just receiving.

They Make Me Jewellery

It doesn’t have to be sparkly! There are so many amazing artisans selling their creations online; I find myself clicking through my favourite websites, making a mental wish list, sometimes hoping someone scours my browser history for clues to what to buy me!

My favourites are the personalised ones: the charms with little fingerprints, bracelets inscribed with names, and of course, lockets for spaces with little pictures to go next to your heart.

My eldest girl loves making bracelets at the moment, so maybe I will have a new piece of jewellery to wear on Mothers Day!

I’m always amazed how these little fingers, that were clumsy and uncoordinated not so long ago, can know create these intricate little things.

They Give Me Handmade Cards

I hope my daughters keep making their own Mothers Day cards for me until they’re in their 40s - I love them so much! It’s probably only going to last while they’re in junior school though, so I’ll just enjoy it while I can.

I just love seeing my kids being creative. And seeing what comes out of their imaginations; who knew all that was in there!

The cards started out as paper tissue collages made in nursery, that they completed with their jagged signatures- now they’re pictures they’ve drawn of their own choosing. It’s always an honour to be pride of place in these happy scenes, arms too low down my body and an enviable thigh gap. No knees though. I’ve never had knees . . .

They Make Me Breakfast in Bed

My two are a still too little to be in charge of cooking me breakfast. Maybe in a few years they can be trusted with the toaster. For now, it will feel like a real treat to be brought a Danish pastry and a coffee (that Dad made).

They’re at that age now where they understand the role reversal idea of Mother’s Day. They get it that you show people you love them by taking care of them - it makes me feel like a good Mummy that they understand love and nurturing!

If you’re looking for inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts, know that they will love anything you give them, especially if it looks like you’ve thought about it a bit. The only bad present, is forgetting!

After Valentine’s Day, and when the shops have swapped over to advertising Mother’s Day, (the only way most of us know the date!) I get hit with enquiries for Mother’s Day portraits. Of course, these don’t take place on the day itself, because Mum’s are far too busy being pampered . . .

A family photo session, or a kids portrait session before Mother’s Day, means you could create a really special photo gift to give to the Mummy in your life.

Or for a completely hassle-free (yet still impressive!) gift, a voucher for a photo session in the Hull area is a great option.