What's The Magic Behind Summer Photoshoots?

With summer on the doorstep, we are leaving the moody spring behind and entering a period most loved by children, not just because of the school break (I hope) but because the days are longer, the weather is warmer, and as a holiday season they get to be with their family and friends more often.

Clients and their babies coming in for family photo sessions is the thing that fulfills me most during my work in summer. The way the babies are dressed in their tiny cute clothes made of summer colors that are lighting up my studio even better than my own professional lighting. Their whole attitude around the photoshoot is so pleasant – I could spend an entire day working on just one! What’s even more pleasing are the outdoor family photo sessions, maternity sessions, and outdoor newborn sessions. When I see the way moms-to-be are so relaxed and comfortable around me and my camera, enjoying the nature around, barely noticing me, I know I’ve taken the most out of the session. When I set a family sitting on the grass, spontaneous, at their most natural pose with their children being themselves, playful and vivacious, something tells me the memories my camera is creating will be hanged on the walls and observed nostalgically for many years to come.

And then there’s the mommy part of me leaving the work behind and indulging in some family outdoor photoshooting. Now that’s a real visual feast for me!

Personally, as a photographer, I see summer as shinier, longer-lasting rays of sun that seem to brighten up the faces of my two lovelies and my partner even more. I find it fascinating how they get so playful chasing butterflies and picking flowers in our garden, while I try to sneak around and take shots of these short precious moments. Then, even after such an active day, no one in the whole wide world can stop their game, even if the summer sun has set long before. They seem to be restless and I get my energy from watching my partner, tired from an entire day of playing, trying to get them to sleep. Their temperament fills the summer air with happiness. The way they jump around insatiably asking for bedtimes stories, one after another and another is something I wouldn’t miss for the world. I just need to have every jump and every curl of hair recorded on camera. And my heart keeps asking for more.

Me and my partner, we love the spirit of the summer. Thus, we always try our best to take our girls out for an afternoon in the park or some family event in Hull. Their first encounter with other children. The way they make friends. The way their curly hair sways in the opposite direction of the swing. The curve on their lips, while running around like cheeky little monkeys and my partner along with them. Now, this is the time my fingers do magic with the camera. I just adore those spontaneous photos that you can almost feel the happiness and hear the laughter off of.

And this is something I always try to accomplish with my clients too. In the studio or outdoors, I want to create harmony getting to know the people I’ll work with, feeling comfortable with them and their children in order for my camera to be able to get the best out of them and engrave it as paper-copied emotions.

But as a professional, I find magic in every season of the year. Each one has a different buzz, a different scene that needs to be taken the most out of, but somehow summer has that liveliness that warms my heart the most. So I hope you allow me to be your family photographer in Hull and show your sparkle on camera.