The Secret Is In The Details

I, as a photographer, love visuals. Can’t help but notice every detail of my client’s outfit, posture or facial expressions. It’s stronger than me, and it helps me bring out the best during a photo session. Since photography has always been the profession I wanted to do, a sharp eye for details comes naturally, like a professional deformation that I enjoy having.

How refreshing is to notice the details of true love. Moms-to-be firmly squeezing the palms of their partner while looking into each other’s eyes, posing for their first maternity photo session. Or families having family photo sessions. Laughing together, having fun in my studio while I do what I do best. Capturing their cheer on camera.

You see, we remember details about the things that matter to us. This comes subconsciously and we don’t control it. For instance, I notice the way my partner holds his morning cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. The way his face lightens up when our girls come running in the kitchen, ready for breakfast. My first dose of dopamine for the day.

There are some charming little things and moments that are happening around us but because they happen daily we get used to them so easily and they lose their magic for us. Details that we stop noticing. Their importance decreases since they become something we see or we get without doing anything to somehow “deserve” these small treats of happiness that life gives us. But oh how we would miss them if at once they disappear and stop happening! For example how happy I would get when I see a drawing made by my older daughter of the four of us playing in the garden, or bouquet of flowers she had left on my nightstand for me to find in the morning; these things I hold precious to my heart and I don’t ever want them to become just another daily thing, a routine that loses its magic after a while.

I always carry my camera around capturing the moments of joy, but also sadness when the naughty little waves would ruin their sand cakes or castles and make them build all over again. But this time bigger, stronger ones at a better location, away from the bad bad water, as they like to call it.

They say if you want to remember places and sceneries, try doing it by observing instead of taking pictures of it. I would say notice every detail and then snap a photo of it. This way you’ll remember but also have something to testify of the candid moments you have experienced. This is the artform of photography.

And I always enjoy the questions of the people around me, friends or clients, when they ask me “How do you always manage to catch the best off of your photo sessions? What’s your secret?” because I get to teach them to how to enjoy the small thing life brings. I like to say my secret is in the details. For me, this is the secret to happiness.