Father's Day: The Best Gift You Can Possibly Give This Year

We all like holidays, each one of them represents something meaningful, marking a special date celebrated by generations. Holidays are bringing families together, people joined in laughter sharing a lunch or dinner, or even going away for the weekend. But there’s also a time when we get the chance to celebrate a dear person. Even though I strongly believe we should express love at every chance we get, 18th of June is the day we celebrate our fathers. Moms, your special day has passed, so it’s time you get creative now, too.




What is Father’s Day

               It is the day when paternal bonds are celebrated. Every father figure such as father, grandfather, and father-in-law is honored. And while different countries have a different date for its celebration, in the UK it is celebrated every third week of June.

Why Is It Important?

               Your father is the first man to enter your life. You see the world through his eyes and while your mother is there to protect you and teach you the best she can, he is the one that makes you stronger and able to cope with the difficultness of life. There to teach you how to jump over any obstacle that life has set for you and in the end, you take on so many of his attributes that you are unaware of down the line until he’s long gone and you remember his words of wisdom by looking at old photographs of the jolly days you spent together.

He is the balance between the strong and the emotional. The one that tries to look so tough, while unsuccessfully hiding his tears of joy at your graduation day. He will be the happiest man on your wedding day to dance that first dance with you, but also the saddest because he knows now there’s another man in your life as important as him.

It is expected so much of him as a Father, and he always works hard to provide for his loved ones because he knows that ‘Father’ is a title you have to earn. This is why you should take every chance and appreciate your Father for having him. But also it is why you should take the time to make this Father’s day the one to remember in the years to come.

So have you decided the present for your father yet? Or if you are a mom, planning a special surprise for your partner, don’t you want something unique this year to cast a shadow to all other presents? Of course, there are tons of ideas out there, shops are doing special offers, agencies planning trips but those can be found on any other day so why not make this Father’s day especially memorable for the first most important man in your life?

A Photoshoot: The Best Gift For Fathers

               Gifting will pass, material things will be long forgotten on the living room shelves or in bedroom drawers, those carefully picked ties will be hardly ever worn and while you can still take your dad for a family lunch, there’s one gift that nothing can compete with.

               You see, as time passes parents watch how their children grow up, become independent and eventually start their own lives. This is when all they are left with is memories to bring them back to the moments they shared together as a whole family. And what serves better as a time machine than a photograph? You guessed it right, absolutely nothing.

               They didn’t say a picture is worth a thousand words for no reason. Photographs can tell emotions, remind your dad of times before his hair went gray, when you were a kiddo who could still fit in your mom’s arms and when your dog was just a playful little puppy. This is why, undoubtedly, photoshoots are the best gift you can give your entire family.